ICAN posted an article today about a recent change to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist guidelines.The guidelines titled, "Safe Prevention of The Primary Cesarean" mentions recognition that doulas lower c-section rates! ICANs press release states:

"The cesarean rate has also been shown to be significantly less among women who have continuous labor support, such as a doula. The report points out that there is nothing negative about a doula—no physical side effects to either the mother or the baby—but rather a doula can make the whole birth experience more positive overall, and so this is one option that is tremendously underutilized."

ead the ICAN article here

r check out the ACOG guidelines for yourself here

Visit our Local ICAN of Grand Rapids chapter for more info on avoiding the first cesarean, recovering from a cesarean or encouragement for a VBAC. Theres a great supportive community!