I provide Birth Doula (Professional Labor Support)
services to families in the Grand Rapids Area.

I have been a practicing Birth Doula since December 2008. I received my training at a DONA approved workshop.
I received my Birth Doula Certification in June 2010 through Doulas of North America. I have attended natural vaginal births, and elective cesareans. I recognize that an ideal birth looks different to different people and support all women in their birth experiences.

I hope to empower my clients to have a satisfying and safe birth experience, propelling them with confidence into motherhood.
I will do this through encouraging self-education, and empowering the mother through consistent emotional and physical support during the birth and beyond.

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With a Doula,your birth can be a Bellabirth!

Mothers who have consistent emotional and physical support during labor, outside that provided by the medical community have experienced the following in their birth experience:
  • Less Medical Interventions
  • Shorter Labors with Fewer Complications
  • Lower C-Section Rate
  • Healthier Babies
  • Breastfeed more quickly, easily and successfully
  • More Satisfaction with their Birth overall
  • Higher sense of Self-Esteem and Accomplishment.

StephanieAMayne@gmail.com         616.706.1040
Stephanie A. Mayne CD(DONA)
Doulas of North America
is one of the oldest and most trusted doula organizations in the world. Visit their website to find out more about birth & postpartum Doulas, Doula Certification, Questions to ask when hiring a Doula and more!
"Stephanie was a great help. Very upbeat and really worked in a team effort!"
a medical professional who
attended a birth  with myself
"Stephanie has an amazing way of bringing peace to a room when everything
feels out of control." Lisa, client 2009

"Very respectful of process and of nursing/midwife's role"
a medical professional
For Mendhi/Henna
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Q:What would you say to someone considering having a doula, or specifically Stephanie at her labor?

A:"Being pregnant and going through all the options for birth, the decisions to make regarding my body, my choices, my child - were overwhelming. My husband and I decided we would be most comfortable in a hospital setting. But we still wanted a natural, epidural and intervention free birth. We decided that having a doula would help us feel more in control and the doctors having less of a chance of swaying our viewpoints when we were at a disadvantage. Stephanie was the most knowledgeable and insightful regarding women’s bodies and the birthing process. She helped us learn before hand what to expect, positions that help with labor progress. She helped post natal with breastfeeding, how to hold the baby, etc (We really didn’t have much practice!!!)

The hospital experience was not what I expected but with Stephanie there we truly felt at ease and if we have more children she will be there! She was a true godsend to my husband and me during the pregnancy, and more than ever during my 19 hours of labor! I am truly blessed that Stephanie is my sister in law as well as my doula."
Shelly, client (and sis-in law!)  2008