Bella means beautiful and birth is exactly that. 
What makes a birth beautiful? 
No matter if it’s a natural quick birth, or an extended tough labor, or a cesarean section,  your birth can be beautiful. An experience to treasure, a story to tell.  Women who have good support are empowered to make informed decisions, feel in control and have beautiful birth..
Use the links on the Resources page to your advantage, an educated mother is an empowered mother.
Whether this is your first baby or your family is growing,  visualize what your Bellabirth would be. Take a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions and maybe discuss them with your partner.
For me the ideal place to give birth would be……..
My top three priorities for this birth are……
I want the following people to be there to support me…….
And I want to be sure the following things are there…..
For me, I would like the following clinical/medical personnel there ……
For me, the best approach to pain management would be…..
What else is very important to you?
Use these questions as a jumping off point to creating a 

As a doula I help many couples write their birth plan. Informational support is a priority in my practice. I want to help childbearing families get the info they need to make truly informed decisions. 

It is true that we cannot plan birth! There are so many variations of normal that you cannot pin point exactly how it will go. However a birth plan is a terrific outline for discussion. Discussion between you and your support people, care providers and spouse. Having your desires known can help streamline any conversations and decisions you are faced with during labor. I like to help my clients explore and have conversations that might come up during birth, before labor ever begins. This can also help dispel fears, and labor is usually easier to cope with in the absence of fear.