Bella means beautiful and birth is exactly that. 
What makes a birth beautiful? 

No matter if it’s a natural quick birth, an extended tough labor, or a cesarean section,  your birth can be beautiful. An experience to treasure, a story to tell.  Women who have good support are empowered to make informed decisions, feel in control and have beautiful births.

Whether this is your first baby or your family is growing,  visualize what your Bellabirth would be. Take a few minutes to ask yourself the questions on the Birth Plan Worksheet maybe discuss them with your partner.

 As your doula I can help you write a birth plan and create a piktochart of your own! 

As your doula I can help you write a birth plan and create a piktochart of your own! 

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Resources for writing a Birth Plan 

These are some of my preferred websites for information about pregnancy and birth.

Birthing Naturally 


Childbirth Connection

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Birth Without Fear

Ask Dr.Sears

Doulas of North America Cesarean Awareness Network

Books and authors:

Ina May Gaskin, Midwife, founding member of The Farm in Summerton Tennesee

     Ina May.s Guide to Childbirth

     Spiritual Midwifery

Penny Simpkin, Birth Doula - founding member of DONA 

    The Birth Partner 

Peggy O'mara


Local Resources

HypnoBirthing® Classes

West Michigan Midwifery Wonderful Certified Professional Midwife Jennifer Holshoe provides Family Centered Care for the Childbearing Year. 

Hopscotch Children's StoreProviding an alternative for baby essentials and childhood playthings.

Childbirth Education - offered by Jenn Dewaard Birth Doula 

Midwifery Matters - Certified Nurse Midwife Practice and Birth Center

Birthsong Midwifery - Homebirth Yolanda Visser CPM 

ICAN of Grand Rapids - Local chapter of International Cesarean Awareness Network